Peter Buckley Hill

This long-neglected web site is now redundant.

All my CDs can now be freely downloaded on the following urls:

The Songs of 2006

Fluffs, Outtakes and Screwups (from the reording of the songs of 2006)

Buckets Within Buckets

Official Bootleg

Torn Between Two Plovers

Tubular Brains

You can get me on facebook at

I also have a Twitter account, FreeFringe, but seldom use it. I don't understand Twitter.

The Free Fringe is at and all applications should go through that site

I don't do many gigs nowadays, but will take bookings for appropriate ones, if anybody remembers when I was funny. Email me here if you need to.

Free Fringe extra

This now works for 2017

Until the Free Fringe web listings are up, I'll be posting here the Free Fringe programme so far.

This is in simple spreadsheet format, and you can download it. It's sorted by venue, but you can easily sort it by time yourself once you've downloaded it.

Please note this is provisional and subject to changes and additions

Right-click here and save it to your own machine.